Government Projects

Serving Northeast Ohio

Based on years of working closely with area governments, Perrin Asphalt has developed a keen understanding of the special considerations that need to go into any government-funded project.

Especially where tax dollars are concerned, we know how important it is to have the right combination of materials, workmanship and timely project completion. We’re bonded, fully insured and well-versed in the government bidding process.

We’ve provided asphalt and concrete paving, excavation and drainage work for a variety of Northeast Ohio governmental entities, including:

  • Cities
  • Townships
  • Counties
  • School and park districts
  • Hospitals
  • Transportation authorities
  • State agencies and departments
  • Universities and colleges

Our projects have run the gamut from highway bridges to ADA-compliant walking paths, but we’re particularly proud of the bio-retention work and rain gardens we’ve developed in conjunction with local governments. These rain gardens complement the beauty of their surroundings while controlling flooding at the same time.

If you’re looking for a serious, dedicated paving contractor, you’re looking for Perrin Asphalt. Contact us now to take advantage of our expertise.

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